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Attendance Information

Attendance Policy 

(BOE Policy 4.2000) School attendance is central to educational achievement and school success. High school students must be present for 60 of the 90 minutes to be counted present for the class period. Students who are absent from a class for more than eight (8) days during a semester shall not receive credit for the course. Students will receive a grade of FF (Failure Due to Attendance) and have a right to appeal to the  principal via the Attendance Policy Waiver Form.  


Absent Notes

When a student is absent, a ParentSquare message or valid written excuse must be presented to the office within three school days of the student’s return or the absence(s) will be coded “unexcused.” Excuse notes prepared and signed by parents will be accepted for five (5) absences during each semester. Written documentation from a doctor, dentist, or court official must be submitted in order for absences beyond the limit of five parent-approved absences per semester to be officially coded as “excused.”


Lawful absences and tardies are the following:

  1. student illness or injury 

  2. quarantine 

  3. death in the immediate family

  4. medical/dental appointments 

  5. court or administrative appearance by the student 

  6. religious observances

  7. educational opportunity

  8. student pregnancy and parenting

Exam Exemption Procedures

Students that are exempt still have the option to take the final exam and it will count only if it improves the overall grade. All teacher-made exams will count 20% of the final grade. Students cannot be exempt from NC End of Course and State CTE Final Exams.


Students can be exempt from teacher-made final exams if they do not exceed five (5) absences (excused or unexcused) and have a final course average of “C” or higher. Also, two unexcused tardies documented in PowerSchool will equal one absence in regard to exam exemption. Any violation of the Catawba County Board of Education's Code of Conduct resulting in ISS or OSS during the class period for the semester negates the student’s exam exemption opportunity. Classes missed for school-sponsored activities or administrator-approved college/military visits will not count against the student's attendance. 


Make-up Work

All missed class work should be turned in within the number of days absent plus one.  Example: If a student is absent Monday and Tuesday then all missed work is due on Friday.  Principals reserve the right to deny make-up work for students who have an excessive amount of unexcused absences. 


District Attendance Policies

Pre-Approved Absence Requests

Students may request up to two (2) absences to be considered for an educational opportunity, such as travel. The
remaining absences will be unexcused. Educational opportunities will count against the exam exemption policy. Juniors
and Seniors are allowed three (3) days per year for college visitation and one (1) day for military recruitment. Approved
College/Military Absences will not count towards the exam exemption policy. Students must submit this form at least
one week prior to the planned trip for principal approval.


Teachers will be taking period attendance for all students each day, regardless if the student is on-site or off-site.  In order to be counted present, a student participating in an off-site learning day must do ONE of the following EACH DAY:

  • Complete his or her daily assignment, either online or offline;
  • Engage in a face-to-face interaction with his or her teacher(s) e.g., virtual meeting
  • Check in with his or her teacher(s) via a two-way communication e.g., email, phone call, etc…

Note:  If a student does not have Internet access, the student or parent must either place a call to the school/teacher or submit work evidence of daily participation in order to be counted present on off-site days.

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